Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the list of all songs on Pianotrax?

What is PianoTrax?

Piano Trax is a place to download piano accompaniment MP3 tracks. These backing tracks are great for singers to rehearse a song or use for performance. All the piano accompaniments are played by Tom Griep who is a professional accompanist based in Los Angeles. All the songs are formatted as Mp3s. You can either stream live from the site, and / or download them to your computer. After you have them on the hard drive of your computer you can import them or 'add to library' in itunes and then sync to your mobile devices. You will receive an email with a link, and / or you can go to "My Account" in the upper right corner of the home page to download the Mp3s.

How does the 100% satisfaction refund policy work?

100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If the MP3s you ordered are not what you expected, you can contact us and be fully refunded. Or ask us to exchange it for another version of the same song already on the site or you can apply the cost of that Mp3 towards a custom recording. [email protected]

Where is

That's us! Piano Trax is the same company, we've just changed our name.

How do I get in contact with PianoTrax?

If you have any questions you can contact us at [email protected] There is also a live chat on the bottom right of your screen. If we're not available, you can leave a message and we will respond right away. Leave your email address in that window to assure that we have a way to contact you.

I like PianoTrax, how do i post something nice on social media?

If you use social media would you consider "Liking Us" or "Tweeting" something to spread the word.

How do I download my songs?

Shortly after purchase you'll receive an email with a link to download, or go to "My Account" in the upper right corner. In that window you'll see your songs and a blue download button to the right of the song title.

How do I download the Mp3s to my mobile device?

Yes, there's a few easy ways to do that.

A. 1. Download the mp3s to your computer.
2. Open iTunes and "Add to Library", then sync your computer with your mobile device,


B. 1. Download the mp3s to your computer.
2. Open Dropbox on your computer and add them to a folder.
3. Download the Dropbox app for your mobile device and find that shared folder. Be sure to "make your file available offline" so you don't need WiFi or cell reception to play it.

C. 1. Download the mp3s to your computer.
2. Email them to your mobile device.

D. 1. Download the mp3s to your computer.
2. Email the mp3 to your mobile device.
3. Tap on it to de-compress it.
4. Click on the "share" icon.
5. Text the mp3 to your mobile device. 6. Hold down on the icon of the mp3 until the option for "SAVE" shows up. That will save it to your voice memos application. I know this works on an iPhone, other devices have not been tested.

Otherwise you can continue to stream your songs directly from PianoTrax to your mobile device if you have wifi or cell reception.

When will my piano accompaniments arrive?

You will be prompted to download the Karaoke MP3 immediately after purchase. You will also receive an email with your MP3 download link. In addition, you can log into your account and click the download button next to your track.

Why does a song have the tag (Partial Song) on it?

Partial songs are not complete songs. If you HOVER over a song title you will see "Notes" displayed about that song. They may have the dance break removed or a verse cut out, etc. Many of these Partial Songs will work for auditions. Look at the length of the song to get an idea how much was cut. If you are unhappy with the Partial Song you received, I can exchange if for any other version of the same song already on the site at no charge. Or you can consider a custom track Custom Piano Tracks.

Why does a song have the tag (Audition Cut) on it?

Audition Cuts are created for people that just need a 16 or 32 bar version of a song to sing for an audition. If you are unhappy with the Audition Cut you received, please email us for a full refund or an alternate version.

What if the song i want has the tag (Not Available) on it?

Most likely I do not have current licensing for that song and out of respect for the publisher or composer I am not selling it. Contact them to see if you can purchase it from their website.

Does this site pays songwriters for the use of their songs?

Yes, PianoTrax has an agreement with the Harry Fox Agency to pay mechanical licenses for the majority of the songs on the site, the others are paid directly or via compulsary mechanical licenses. If you are a songwriter and are not seeing payments show up in your quarterly statements please contact us, so we can set up payment arrangements with your publisher. [email protected]

What if I purchase a song that is mislabeled?

Let us know what the error is, we can fix it and we will send you the correct Mp3 at no charge.

If you can't find a song, you can request a custom track.

Visit the Custom Piano Tracks page. Upload your sheet music to the form. Custom backing tracks are $15 for the first 2 pages and $3 for each additional page. If your sheet music does not match the Mp3 or YouTube link you want me to match, there may be an additional $10 fee. It's usually a day or two turn around time. If it's ever much longer than that the next available date will be posted on the top of the form you complete to request the track. Tom has an extensive set of scores available if you do not have the sheet music for your song. Click Here for a full list of scores available.

If you can't find sheet music for your song, you can ask us to look for it, or request a transcription?

Visit the Custom Notation. page. We have good sources for hard-to-find sheet music and unpublished sheet music. If it does not exist we will have to do a transcription. Takedowns/transcriptions are labor intensive. They typically cost $30/pg. Visit the Custom Notation page and click the 'notation' button on the left side of the page for more details.

How can I get sheet music for my song?

This site does not sell sheet music that is available from normal sources. Try your local music store or to see if they have it. If it is out-of-print, unpublished or hard-to-find, then contact us to see if I can find it for you. [email protected]

I downloaded my piano accompaniment. What folder did it save to?

Every browser has a downloads folder. Please check your browser settings to see what folder you are pointing your downloads to. Example: "Safari : Preferences : Save Download Files to.." Example: "Firefox : Preferences : General : Save Files to..."

Can I order a piano accompaniment in a different key or different tempo?

Contact [email protected], with the specific accompaniment you are interested in. Please identify the track on the site, Name, Key, Length, Piano or Melody, and then tell him what key you want it transposed to. If he can he'll transpose it and put it back up on the site in the new key. If he has to play it again from scratch, the normal custom order fees apply (based on the number of pages). There is also a software called "Amazing Slow Downer". The algorithms used allow tempo or key independent of each other.

Can I change the key or tempo myself?

There is a software called "Amazing Slow Downer". It will allow you to modify the Mp3s I send you. The algorithms used allow the user to adjust tempo or key independent of each other. You can then save the Mp3 back to your hard drive. Amazing Slow Downer is also an app for your mobile device. You can try ASD lite for free and see if you like it, but you'll only be able to listen to the first 1/4 of your song. I have found that saving your songs to dropbox (which you need to install as an app) is the easiest way for ASD to access your songs and make adjustments. You can also export your song in the new key and/or tempo.

How do I Change, reset or remove my credit card information?

Choose "My Account" from the upper right corner of the home page. Scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu and click the red tab called: credit card reset. That will delete your old card info. Next time you make a purchase and check out you'll be asked to enter new card info. You may have to log out and log in again to have changes take effect.

How do I reset my password?

If you go to "Log in" in the upper right corner, click on it, below the space where you enter your email address and password it says "Forgot Your Password?". If you click it, the site will send you an email with details about how to reset your password.

Can I use PayPal for my purchase?

PayPal is an option but it is not an instant download. You need to go to, enter [email protected] as the payee and send funds as friends and family. Then send me an email telling me what song you need. Include Title, Key, Length, Melody or Piano versions. I will email you the Mp3s. It might be in a few minutes, or it might be later that day when I get the message.

How do I download my tracks again?

Visit "My Account" upper right corner and you'll see a list of your tracks. Click the Download button on the right to download your song.