Acting Coach for Musical Theatre in NYC: Alex Covington

Top Ten Tips from an Acting Coach for Musical Theatre in NYC: Alex Covington

Alex Covington

1. Technical Perfection vs Communication.

As artists, we all strive for perfection as both singers and actors. However, make sure that in preparing a piece if you have to sacrifice on something...let it be the technical aspect, not the communication. We are quick to forgive an actor for cracking or not hitting a note perfectly if they are completely connected and honest in their song.

2. What Are You Trying To Handle?

Every time a character sings on stage... they are trying to "handle" something. Ask yourself that question. What is this character trying to handle? And get in from there.

3. The Bridge... A Revelation?

The bridge of a song can reveal a lot! Usually the lyrics in the bridge are the subtext that the rest of the song was skirting around. Take a look at those words and see how it informs your choices.

4. Relationship

The nature of the relationship between your character and the person they are dealing with or towards in their song, has a big impact on how they might go about achieving their action or objective. Take a look at that and see how it affects the tone and angle you may choose in the acting of your song.

5. Essence of Action

Once you find out what your character is trying to handle, wittle down the essence of that action to REALLY simple terms. You want to make things easy for yourself... and specific.

6. Imaginary Situation for You

Finding an imaginary circumstance for yourself that is REAL to you and honestly gets you going... is paramount to connecting to your material. The trick is to find out exactly what's happening for your character in the show... get it down to a simple action... and then create an imaginary circumstance for yourself that matches that action. It should bring about the same things for you internally... that it would your character.

7. Relationship (part II)

Who are you talking to? Who do you need to change in your imaginary circumstance. Be specific and put that person across the room for you to communicate with.

8. Tactics

Once you know what your trying to DO... how are you going to get it done? How might you talk to them? Are you going to reason? To flirt? To demand? Take a look at that and once again... let it inform you.

9. Physical Connection

You want to FEEL how being honest in the particular vain of your action sits in your body. Talk out your imaginary circumstance! Put your person across from you and just try achieving your action. Feel how your body naturally gestures, sits and moves. THAT'S how it should feel when you're singing.

10. Live in It!

Now that you've done all your work. Just live in this world you've created and sing your heart out!

Alex CovingtonActing Through Song: Description
Acting Through Song, is a one-on-one private coaching session, with acting being the emphasis applied to your musical theatre audition preparation and repertoire. Its not a voice lesson... although we can address any vocal issues that may come up in working on a particular song... but I ask the actors I work with to come warmed up and ready to sing. I created this company when I realized, as an actress/singer myself, that there was a lack of one-on-one acting coaching for musical theare. You can find a straight acting coach or vocal coach easily... but all the B'way greats are incredible and specific actors when they perform their material... and I believe its what separates the run of the mill musical theatre performers and the greats. So that being said... that is what our work would be... connecting you to your material like never before!

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