Casting Director: Patrick Goodwin

Top Ten Tips for Kids Auditioning for Theatre: Patrick Goodwin, CSA

Patrick Goodwin

1. Do Your Homework, Be Prepared.

There's very little that you will have control over once you enter the audition room. Making sure that you're fully prepared with your audition material is the first step in making sure you're comfortable and confident. That includes keeping up with singing, acting, and dance classes.

2. Only Worry About Yourself.

Don't waste your time sizing up the other kids in the lobby auditioning for the same project. Trust that you were called in to audition for a reason, and trust that you're just as worthy for the show as everyone else auditioning.

3. If You Make A Mistake In An Audition, That's Ok.

Nobody is perfect. We're all human and everyone forgets a line or misses a note now and then. Don't worry about it. Even the best actors and actresses on Broadway make mistakes now and then and they learn from their mistakes for the next audition. If given the opportunity to start again, go for it and don't get nervous.

4. Don't Sing Out Of Your Vocal Range.

It never does any good if you challenge yourself with a song that you're not ready for. Just because there are songs on the radio that you love to sing, that doesn't mean they are the best fit for your voice. Make sure whatever song you sing sits comfortably in your vocal range.

5. Make Sure Your Song Choice Is Age/Genre Appropriate.

If you're going in for a classic musical theatre show, don't sing a pop song. And vice-versa! Also, it's always smart to veer towards songs that are age-appropriate. It shows that you know yourself well.

6. Dress Comfortably And Professionally Given The Role.

You should never show up "in costume" but in a comfortable outfit that's appropriate for the specific role you're auditioning for. Remember, it's similar to a business interview, so you don't want to come dressed like you don't care about the part.

7. Be Nice To Everyone.

There's never any reason to be anything but pleasant to everyone you see at auditions. That doesn't just include the people behind the table- it includes the accompanist, the other kids in the lobby, the monitor, etc.

8. Don't Give UP Easily.

A lot of people in the entertainment industry will turn you down and tell you that you're not quite right for what they are looking for. That doesn't mean that you'll never get cast. The more you work on your acting, singing, and dancing, the bigger your chances are that you'll eventually land a great part.

9. Do More Than Just Acting, Singing, And Dancing.

Directors like it when kids are involved in more than just acting, singing, and dancing. It's always great to hear that kids focus on playing sports, playing a musical instrument, or commit to other hobbies. Being well-rounded is always a good thing, it will come in handy later on in life, too!

10. Have Fun.

If you're not having fun when auditioning, then you shouldn't be doing it.

Patrick Goodwin

Patrick Goodwin, CSA – Casts for Telsey + Company, whose casting credits include current Broadway productions of: Kinky Boots, Motown, Newsies, Wicked, and Rock of Ages as well as past productions of Rent, The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess, Hairspray, Evita and many more. Film/TV: Friends With Kids, Across The Universe, NBC’s “Smash” and Showtime’s “The Big C”.