How does the PianoTrax app work?


In the PianoTrax app, when you select a specific song, several icons/buttons will appear. 
1. The "rewind" button will skip to the beginning of the song, or if you are using "markers", it will skip back to the closest marker.

2. The "play" button will become a "pause" button and start playing the track. 

3. The "fast forward" button will skip forward to the closest "marker". 

4. The "cloud" icon will download the song into the memory of your mobile device. You no longer need WiFi or cell reception to play the song. You can now play this song in "airplane mode". The track appears in the "My Trax / My Downloads" folder. 

5. After your song is downloaded the "cloud" icon will become an icon that looks like this ((•)). Now if you touch it you touch that button, you will get a message that says "This will delete your changes!". If you choose "OK" it will delete the song from the internal memory of your mobile device and remove the song from your "My Trax / My Downloads" folder. You can touch the "cloud" button anytime to download it again. 

6. The "marker" button is used when the song is playing and you find a spot in the track that you may want to use as a rehearsal location. You can touch the "marker" button as often as you wish to drop location markers for rehearsal. 

7. The "edit" button (looks like two eighth and a small pencil) is currently only available on Apple mobile devices. If you touch it, your song will automatically be downloaded and a wheel will appear that will allow you to change key and tempo. 

The "My Downloads" folder is a type of favorites playlist. The folder will remember the order that you downloaded the songs and you can delete tracks from this folder when you no longer need them.