How do I redeem my free Mp3s?


To redeem your free Mp3s, log in to Search for the song/s you want, click the price tag to the right of the title/s and “Proceed to checkout”. If you haven’t done it already, you’ll need to add credit card information, even if you are just redeeming free Mp3s. 

Before you click “Complete Purchase”, notice “Total $0” in the lower left corner. Chose “Complete Purchase”. That will become “Free Tracks” and the songs will be added to your account.

If it doesn't appear to be working:

Be sure the PianoTrax app is actively subscribed. You may need to log out on the app. Touch the MORE menu and Logout, Then touch MY TRAX to log in. If you are successful you will see a popup that says "Your subscription has been restored". 

Be sure you are past the 7 day free trial. Apple and Google Play will not allow you to redeem your free Mp3s during the trial period. 

Be sure you are logged into the PianoTrax app and the PianoTrax website with the same email address and password. Some people have more than one account at Be sure to use the account and email address associated with your subscription. 

You may have to reset the password on the website to be sure you have the same credentials in both places.